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Establishment of young and foreign-born in the retail industry

Research project
Inactive research
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Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Economics and Law

The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council

Short description

One of the Swedish society's biggest challenges are youth unemployment and how foreign-born can get a good foothold in the labour market. How does the retail industry contribute to solutions to the problem today and how can the industry’s contributions be further strengthened? The project's overall objective is to contribute to increased knowledge and understanding of retailers' role as industry helping young and foreign-born to enter into the Swedish labour market.

Within the project the researchers will:

1. Identify, describe and analyze patterns of employment in the retail sector using available labour and industry statistics.
2. Describe and analyze initiatives and measures which aim to facilitate or support the establishment of young people and foreign-born in retail.
3. Document and disseminate experiences from initiatives and measures in the retail sector that contributes to that young and foreign-born enter into the labour market.

The results are expected to provide valuable information and practical benefit to many of the retailers’ stakeholders. Including by demonstrating how retailers can contribute to solutions to contemporary social problems in the future, but also how the industry is actively contributing to such solutions in ongoing activities and projects.