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Department of education, communication and learning

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This project addresses knowledge development within teams of experts and is carried out through collaboration between participants from Department of Education, Communication and Learning at the Faculty of Education and the architectural research and design network Servo Stockholm Los Angeles.

About the research project

Servo is invested in the development of architectural environments integrating synthetic ecologies with shifting material states and electronic information infrastructures. In much of their work there is a fundamental reliance on the production of artifacts (e.g. physical prototypes) as a site for critical reflection and invention. More recently servo has been furthering the development of these experimental prototypes in the context of more conventional architectural ventures. One such undertaking aims at reconsidering the "green roof typology" in terms of design and biodiversity. This is done by exploring the development of synthetic architectural systems that are informed by the formation, function, or structure of biologically produced substances and biological mechanisms and processes. The research tackles more extensive urban ecologies, and, as a consequence, techniques for coupling morphological and material performance are deployed on a variety of scales.

The project coordinated from the learning sciences is organized as a longitudinal study that follows and documents servo's innovation and research processes in order to better understand the conditions for knowledge development.