Thresholds: Interwar Lens Media Cultures 1919-1939

In connection with the exhibition The New Eye, the international anthology Thresholds: Interwar Lens Media Cultures 1919–1939 is published. The anthology contains eighteen new essays written by researchers who participated in the project and shed a new light on lens-based media during the time period.

foto av publikationen Thresholds
Photo: Cecilia Sandblom

The period between 1919 and 1939 was an exceptional time for both photography and film. In the anthology leading researchers and experts contribute essays that offer new perspectives on lens practices of the interwar period. The anthology Thresholds: Interwar Lens Media Cultures 1919-1939 examines film and photography through a number of different tracks where technology, school of thought, groups and individuals are in focus this formative era. The essays highlight previously unknown material, new case studies and critical reflections on the role of the lens media and how these media were used for both community building and artistic experimentation in and outside Europe.

The exhibition The New Eye is part of the research project Thresholds: Interwar Lens Media Cultures, which is a collaboration between the Hasselblad Foundation, HDK-Valand and GPS400: Centre for Collaborative Visual Research at the University of Gothenburg. The project examines photographic and film cultures during a technologically, socially and politically revolutionary time. Furthermore the project develops new methods of researching and communicating photographic and film history. The exhibition also function as a way of writing the history of the material where photo and film are not separated entities but rather studied in the light of each other.


Curatorer och redaktörer 
Mats Jönsson, GPS400: Centre for Collaborative Visual Research
Louise Wolthers, Hasselbladfoundation
Niclas Östlind, HDK-Valand at University of Gothenburg

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