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The Region supports GU Ventures and the School's Master's education within entrepreneurship studies


Region Västra Götaland (VGR) has made the decision to continue providing co-financing to the GU Ventures pre-incubation process, within which businesses and business projects are developed through collaboration with Masters students from the University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law’s educational curriculum within entrepreneurship studies at the Department of Economy and Society ( This specified program, Masters of Science in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship (KBE) receives support from the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research, through its efforts to assist top quality education programs throughout Sweden. We are also now looking for new business ideas which the students can develop during 2016.

VGR co-finances regional efforts to promote and encourage growth and development in Västra Götaland. This process occurs within the context of its longer duration projects, Vision Västra Götaland and Strategy Västra Götaland 2020. The aim of this investment is to promote entrepreneurial business projects with strong international potential. Through identifying, evaluating, and matching ideas and business projects with entrepreneurship students from the KBE Master program at Gothenburg’s School of Business, Economics and Law (within the context of the pre-incubation process), sustainable and long-reaching prerequisites for regional growth are realized.

Since the pre-incubation process was started with the Masters education at the Business School in 2012, 15 new ventures and business projects have been selected and ultimately accepted to the pre-incubator. One of the ventures has been sold, seven are currently in GU Ventures’ main incubator, and seven are in the pre-incubator. Just over 40 students have been educated, instructed, and coached within practical business acumen and have been matched with the ventures and business projects.

According to Andreas Albertsson, business development manager at GU Ventures - The ambition is to focus on working with ventures and business projects that are potentially close to market and especially those which offer innovation in services.

Through the complementarity of the different projects and ideas within the pre-incubator with that of the existing incubation activity concerning research-based ventures and projects, this pre-incubation process is a great asset to GU Ventures pre-existing activities. Additionally, the process contributes to the recruiting of well-educated and energetic entrepreneurs to our ventures and our projects.

- We see the cooperation with GU Ventures as strategically important in order for us to carry out the School of Business, Economics and Law’s top quality master’s education within entrepreneurship here at Gothenburg University. We, the teachers and professors at the School, are responsible for academic quality and learning objectives in the programs, and we think that it is extremely fun to be able to work with GU Ventures, says Maureen McKelvey, professor and responsible for academic quality in KBE.

If you have a business idea, especially one based in services, and would like to develop it together with students in a top quality entrepreneurship education program, we want to hear from you. For more information, contact Andreas Albertsson, by mail at or by phone at 0761-386460. For more information about GU Ventures, visit