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Photo: Carina Elmäng

Research projects granted funds for new knowledge about sexual harassment at work


How do Nordic ideals, regarding management and organisation, impact the work environment of employees within service and retail – when the customer is the perpetrator of sexual harassment? A questionnaire that could provide an essential tool for comparative research on sexual harassment in the Nordic region - how could it be designed and tested? This will be analysed in the two research projects that have been granted funds in the first Open Call, within the research initiative by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

In order to develop new and effective efforts to combat sexual harassment in the workplace, evidence- and research-based knowledge is essential. In light of this, the Nordic Council of Ministers decided to support a Nordic research initiative, in co-operation between several sectors within the Nordic collaboration. Sectors involved include gender equality, culture, working life and the Nordic Committee for Children and Young People.

Granted research projects in Open Call 1

This spring the first of two Open Calls opened, within the Nordic Research Initiative. Open Call 1 was aimed at ongoing research projects, where a grant from the research initiative would enable a Nordic dimension to be added to the project.

Applications that met the criteria was assessed by three external academic reviewers. Decisions were made after consulting the intersectorial reference group appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers in connection with this initiative. The following research projects have been granted funds in Open Call 1:

Customer Sexual Harassments in the Nordic Service Workplace (on the NIKK website)

IWS-Nordic: A Nordic questionnaire assessing sexual harassment at work (on the NIKK website)

Overarching objectives of the initiative

  • To contribute towards new knowledge on sexual harassment at work in the Nordic countries, with a focus on preventive measures and intervention methods 
  • To contribute towards a good knowledge base for policy development and to cross-sectoral Nordic collaboration within the Nordic Council of Ministers. 
  • For the research to be of high academic quality, practice-based and well communicated 
  • To be relevant to the collaborative sectors involved, for affected industries and for the working life actors 

NIKK – Nordic Information on Gender, a Nordic cooperation body under the Nordic Council of Ministers, is administering the research initiative. NIKK is placed at the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research at the University of Gothenburg and will disseminate information about and knowledge from the projects that are awarded grants in the two Open Calls.

Read more about the research initiative and the two Open Calls on the NIKK website