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Quality work pays off according to new international ranking


Dedicated work to strengthen the quality of research is the main reason for the Department's high position in the new international ranking.

According to the Tilburg University Economics Rankings new list for the period 2014-2018, the Department of Economics at the School of Business, Economics and Law, the University of Gothenburg, is ranked 92th in the world and 34th among the European universities, which is the best result ever.

“These kind of rankings are an indication of how our research stands in an international perspective, and the result is an acknowledgment that we have strengthened our research in recent years," says Måns Söderbom, Professor of Economics and Head of Department.

Strategic quality work

For more than a decade, the department has worked on a strategy that aims to result in more publications in highly rated journals, better results in international rankings, and, above all, higher-quality research more generally. There has been a focus on international recruitments and clear promotion criteria.

“At the beginning of the 00th century, Gothenburg was not on the list of the 120 most important economics departments in Europe. We have come a long way since then, and the trend remains positive. For example, if we only look at our production in 2018, we will be in place 50 in the world and place 18 in Europe,” says Måns Söderbom.

Competitive Situation for Research Funding

Måns Söderbom identifies several challenges for the future and points out, the problem of long-term funding in research.

“The core funding for high-quality research in our country are too low, and we are therefore strongly dependent on external research funding. Unfortunately, in spite of comprehensive peer review processes, external research funding is not always channeled to the strongest projects, and it is also difficult to conduct long-term activities on the basis of project funding that ceases after two to three years.”

He looks favorably on the report from the national committee of steering and financing research which was submitted to the government earlier this year with proposals for a gradual increase in the core funding for research through a transfer of grants from state research councils and authorities.

“We also have to deal with several challenges for international recruitment, for example, generally relatively low wage levels and a difficult housing situation in Gothenburg. At the same time, it is my conviction that we have now created a very good foundation for continued quality development of our research at our department,” says Måns Söderbom.

About the ranking

Tilburg University Economics Ranking is based on publications in 74 journals in economics, econometrics and financial economics. According to IDEAS/Repec, there are over 1,000 economics departments in the world.
List of Tilburg University Economics Ranking 2014-2019