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Professor McKelvey invited speaker at the 16th annual EMBO/EMBL Science & Society Conference


Professor McKelvey’s invited speech is on "Innovation Cascades and the Emergence of the BioEconomy”.

This year's EMBO/EMBL conference is "Emerging Biotechnologies: Hype, Hope and Hard Reality". Biotechnology is posed as a key Invited speakers include an interdisciplinary mix, with leading researchers developing scientific, medical, technological and business knowledge. The debate is on how the rapidly developing in life sciences is affecting society, and how to govern a complex emerging knowledge involving multiple actors. The conference website can be found at

This presentation will explain how and why innovation and entrepreneurship within the biotechnology sphere have evolved, from the slow, path dependent and foreseeable world of technological trajectories to the less predictable world of innovation cascades.

The EMBO/EMBL annual Science & Society Conference is a major meeting point for natural scientist, medical researchers, and social scientists including economists to present and discuss the emerging trends in biotechnology and biomedicine. The European Molecular Biology Lab (EMBL) is a leading research center in Europe, and EMBO stimulates young researchers.