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Professor Margret Lepp visits ICN, WHO and Red Cross in Geneva October 2019


On behalf of the Swedish the NPC research group Professor Maria Engström, University of Gävle, Associate Professor Ann Gardulf, Karolinska Institutet, Professor Margret Lepp, University of Gothenburg and Associate Professor Jan Nilsson, Karlstad University and Sophiahemmet University, Sweden visited ICN, WHO and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent in Geneva, Switzerland.

The development and use of the Nurse Professional Competence (NPC) Scale was presented as one example of empirical nursing research results by the NPC research group The NPC Scale is translated into several languages and used in numerous countries globally, and measures self-reported competence in six nursing competence areas:

  1. Nursing care
  2. Value-based Nursing care
  3. Medical technical care
  4. Care pedagogics
  5. Documentation and administration of nursing care
  6. Development, leadership, and organization of nursing care.

International Council of Nurses (ICN)
Meeting and discussion at the ICN with the Associate Director for Nursing and Health Policy Alessandro Stievano. During the meeting European nursing research was discussed. The work of the NPC Research Group was presented as contributing to the strategic goals of ICN.

 Margret Lepp, Jan Nilsson, Alessandro Stievano, Maria Engström and Ann Gardulf at ICN Head Quarters in Geneva.

World Health Organization (WHO)
Meeting at the WHO with Chief Nurse Officer Elisabeth Iro. In addition, the NPC research group publishing a paper with the following title: “Nursing research focusing on professional competence contributes to the achievement of Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goals” in the WHO report “The State of the World’s Nursing Report” that will be launched globally in May 2020. One of the key points messages in the paper is:

  • Nursing research is integrating the latest knowledge into nursing education programmes and is thereby securing the quality of professional development of forthcoming generations of nurses.

The international federation of Red Cross and Red crescent societies
At the Red Cross the group had a meeting with Officer Fatiha Hamza Moulin who gave a general overview. Then presentations and discussions about professional competence among nurses working as Red Cross Delegates in disasters and the use of the NPC Scale followed with Senior Health Officer, Human Resources Hannele Haggman, Director, Health and Care Department Emanuele Capobianco and Team Leader, Community Health and Emergency Care Panu Saaristo.

Image removed.Ann Gardulf, Elisabet Iro, Jan Nilsson, Margret Lepp and Maria Engström at World Health Organizations Head Quarters in Geneva.