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Prize for the best Master's theses

Winners of the Malmsten Award 2018
From left: Hanna Hansson, Mijanur Rahman, Louise Mattson, Abudushalamu Abudurexiti, Ida Lönnfält, Abel Tefera, Josefine Sandqvist, Lisa Wahlberg, Sophie Hulling, Hanna Schroth, Karim Al Saffar, Elin Ingves, My Fridén, Robin Rohlén och Frida Hedenskog, Photo: Carina Gran

In June, the graduation ceremony was held for students who completed the two-year Master’s programs at the School of Business, Economics and Law. 279 students received their diploma in the Gothenburg Concert Hall and the best theses of the nine programs were also rewarded with The Malmsten Award.

The School's master's program is taught in English and about 25 percent of the students have a Bachelor’s degree from a country other than Sweden. Among the students that graduated yesterday were people from Germany, USA, China, Iran, Greece, Bangladesh and Finland. Ever since the start of the Master’s programs in 1997, they have been supported by the Richard C. Malmsten Memorial Foundation, among other things through "The Malmsten Award for Best Thesis", which is awarded the best thesis in each program. The students behind the papers receive the honor and a scholarship of SEK 10,000 each.

Malmsten Award winners 2018 (program, name, thesis title):

Accounting: Sophie Hulling and Lisa Wahlberg; "The use of management control systems for enabling users to assess the trustworthiness of actors on platforms"

Economics: Abel Tefera; “European Natives’ Attitudes towards High-skilled and Low-skilled Immigrants: Evidence from the European Social Survey”

Finance: Robin Rohlén; ”An Independent Dynamic Latent Factor Approach to Yield Curve Modeling”

Innovation and Industrial Management: Ida Lönnfält and Josefine Sandqvist; ”Blockchains, the New Fashion in Supply Chains?”

International Business and Trade: Elin Ingves and Frida Hedenskog; “Local networks’ facilitation of small wineries’ foreign market entry, - A case study of a South African wine cluster-“

Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship: Karim Al Saffar; ”The network-performance link in a developing economy: A multiple case study of new entrepreneurial ventures in Lebanon”

Logistics and Transport Management: Mijanur Rahman and Abudushalamu Abudurexiti; “Investigation about the Lead Time Variability at Warehouse - A Case Study of the Central Warehouse of Company Y”

Management: Hanna Hansson and Louise Mattson; ”There are two sides to every story: A study of how various interpretations and goals affect technology usage”

Marketing and Consumption: Hanna Schroth and My Fridén; “To rent or not to rent? Investigating consumers’ willingness to rent casual wear by analysing its drivers”