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New management appointed for the IT Faculty


Dick Stenmark is appointed new Dean and Miroslaw Staron is appointed new Pro Dean for the IT Faculty, starting 1st of July, 2018.

Miroslaw Staron, prodekan och Dick Stenmark, dekan

Miroslaw Staron (on the left) is the new Pro Dean and Dick Stenmark (on the right) is the new Dean of the IT Faculty.

As a result of the work of the Evaluation Committee, Dick Stenmark was proposed as the new Dean and Miroslaw Staron as the Pro Dean. The Vice Chancellor of University of Gothenburg, made the decision to appoint them as Dean and Pro Dean for the IT Faculty for the term of office 1st of July, 2018 to 30th of June, 2024.

Dick Stenmark is Associate Professor in Informatics, working as a teacher and researcher at the Department of Applied IT. In his research Dick is especially interested in the use of social media in organisations, particularly regarding information search and competence development. Dick Stenmark has been the Pro Dean of the IT Faculty since 2012, responsible for the areas education and quality. As Pro Dean, Dick was representing the IT Faculty in Utbildningsnämnden, Utskottet för utbildning på forskarnivå, and in Samordningsnämnden för lärarutbildning at University of Gothenburg.

Miroslaw Staron is Professor in Software Engineering and Head of Division for the Division of Software Engineering at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Miroslaw’s research area deals with different methods of quantifying, visualizing and assessing the quality of software development. Miroslaw has previously been working as the Vice Head of Department for Undergraduate Education at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and is a member of Kvalitetsutskottet at University of Gothenburg.

Dick Stenmark and Miroslaw Staron regarding their new appointments:

'The importance of IT in society is growing, which also increases the importance of the IT Faculty's research and education. Together with the new Board of the IT Faculty, we want to create good conditions for further developed research environments and innovative ideas, which also is a prerequisite for creating an optimal environment for our future generations of students', says Miroslaw Staron.

'We feel that we, as a Faculty, would like to take on a major assignment in society to meet the growing and increasingly diverse need for IT skills. The acceptance ratio for our educational programmes is high and the IT Faculty do have the necessary competence. To handle a bigger assignment we need to expand our research environment and we will need to recruit new staff in the near future', concludes Dick Stenmark.