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New centre at the University of Gothenburg gathers research on human resource management


Swedish companies have more employees in foreign countries than in Sweden, and an increasing share of them are part of global business groups. Also, the public sector is increasingly involved in international collaborations. How should companies and human resources be managed in an increasingly globalised world? The new Centre for Global Human Resource Management aims to strengthen Swedish research in this area. The Centre is operated jointly by the Department of Sociology and Work Science and the Department of Business Administration at the University of Gothenburg.

Researchers and representatives from both business and industry and the public sector have long agreed that Sweden needs a hub for research on human resource management in order to make the country more competitive at the global level. The University of Gothenburg has established the new Centre in response to this need.

‘We’re very happy about the centre. It is particularly exciting that it involves cooperation not only between different disciplines but also between academia, business and public organisations,’ says Freddy Hällsten, Head of the Department of Business Administration.

The Centre for Global Human Resource Management is established at the University of Gothenburg, but the aim is to strengthen Swedish HRM research through broad cooperation locally, nationally and eventually also globally. The objective is to serve as a meeting place for researchers and professionals.

‘We know that some important and interesting research projects within HRM are currently underway in Sweden, so we want to both gather what’s already in progress and initiate new research. The idea is to make the centre a meeting place for both HR professionals and researchers in the entire HRM field, where relevant research projects, education and seminars can be offered,’ says Per Thilander and Linda Corin, who have been appointed directors.

The Centre is funded by the two Departments and a number of businesses and public organisations.

‘We’re signing agreements with the companies and organisations that have been part of the development process so far, but there is of course room for additional actors as well to facilitate further development,’ says Freddy Hällsten.

The Centre will officially open later in 2014.

Director: Per Thilander, Department of Business Administration. Phone +46 31 786 59 03, email
Co-director: Linda Corin, Department of Sociology and Work Science. Phone +46 31 786 56 99, email