Rektor Malin Broberg vid invigningen av Natrium den 17 november.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Natrium ceremoniously opened


“Natrium is a wonderful meeting place, with high ceilings and room to oxygenate new ideas. Two of the university's largest faculties, the Faculty of Science and the Sahlgrenska Academy, are now neighbors, and Medicinareberget will even more become the place where it happens!” Those were the words by Vice-Chancellor Malin Broberg at the opening of Natrium on November 17.

The Natrium project has not only been completed on time, but the costs are also somewhat under budget, Malin Broberg pointed out during the opening ceremony.

Gathering activities and offering nice environments is also strategically important for the university. Here, many different functions, courses and research opportunities can be found under one roof.”

Göran Hilmersson, dean of the Faculty of Science, explained that the decision about a new building was made in 2016 by the then Vice-Chancellor, Pam Fredman.

We have shrunk our square footage, but I think that many still perceive the new house as both more open and brighter than previous buildings. Many colleagues have committed themselves to Natrium, which is the biggest thing that has happened to our faculty in years.”

Caroline Arehult, CEO of Akademiska Hus, explained that she is both proud and humbled to be involved in managing the house. Saara Franzelius at Kanozi architects, explained how the house was built to fit into the existing house from the 1960s, and that the main entrance functions as a meeting place.

Elin Bergqvist, interior architect at Link arkitektur, explained that the fabrics in the furniture are of slightly different shades. This makes the furniture easier to move around between departments and floors and changing clothing can be done without having to find the exact color.

Some furniture has been recycled, such as chairs in group rooms, a chandelier from the School of Business, Economics and Law, and benches from Medicinarelängan.”

Student representative Erica Wiik explained that Natrium will provide new opportunities for the students.

All ground-breaking scientific discoveries are made in the basement. Therefore, we students are happy to be able to solve tomorrow's problems at study places right on the basement level.

By: Eva Lundgren


Since the beginning of the autumn semester of 2023, a large part of the University of Gothenburg's teaching and research in natural sciences has been gathered in a new building on Medicinareberget, It will bring together students and researchers in the fields of biology, molecular biology, chemistry, marine sciences, environmental sciences, earth sciences and conservation.

Natrium is seven stories high, and contains lecture halls, teaching labs, a herbarium, aquariums and a 12 meter high mast on the roof for atmospheric studies. The rooms have movable walls so that they can be adapted to new needs.

Designer is the architectural firm Kanozi, the construction company is Skanska and developer is Akademiska Hus. The area is approximately 34,000 square meters.

Natrium has been awarded the environmental certification, Miljöbyggnad Guld, which means that the building has low energy consumption and that sustainable materials have been used in the construction and for the interior design.