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Master students learn how incubators work


Students in the masters programme Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship had a study visit on 8 April to two incubators located in Gothenburg. One incubator is called 'Framtidens Företag' (literally translated as future companies). This incubator is oriented towards service companies, and they have two main ways of working with entrepreneurs. One is designed for early stage projects and companies, where the entrepreneurs rent a desk to acquire a platform and social network. The second way is to become part of a long-term incubation process, of 2-3 years, where the entrepreneurs both have office space and gain access to professional networks, etc.

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The second incubator is called Chalmers Innovation, which is focused upon technology. Chalmers Innovation can either coach ventures through a so-called boot camp activity of 10 weeks, or else a longer term incubation, where they invest in return for equity. For more information please visit

Our MSc students engaged in this study visit as part of their course on 'Assessing Entrepreneurial Ideas', to learn how incubators evaluate and assess early stage projects that have the potential to become companies.