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Master Students Bloging and Instraming from Oman


Andrea and Niclas are second year master students on the Earth Science master program. You can follow their excursion at our Instagramaccount and on our researcher’s blog.

Andrea's master thesis topic is to find ash layers and other features inside Icelandic glaciers with the help if ground penetrating radar, and Niclas' topic is trace element mapping of garnets from the western Alps, using LA-ICP-MS.

These coming two weeks they will spend on a field trip to Oman, tied to the course 'Geovetenskaplig Exkursion'/'Earth science excursion'. Andrea and Niclas will post pictures and short information on the GVC Instagram during these weeks, as well as on the department's blog. The posts will be about the excursion localities and what we experience and learn during the days. Andrea and Niclas look forward to share their trip with you!

Follow them at: