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Marion Dupoux's doctoral thesis awarded in France


Marion Dupaux

Marion Dupoux together with two other female researchers has been awarded the French National Economic Association's award for best thesis in economics. The prize was awarded 15 May at the Paris School of Economics under the direction of Thomas Piketty.

Her doctoral thesis "Structure of preferences, decision-making and the environment. Theoretical and experimental approaches" analyes decision-making and preferences in relation to environmental resources.

The jury's motivation:

'This thesis honors the field of environmental economics by seeking to help decision-making vis-à-vis projects having environmental impacts. In addition to the high quality of the work, the jury also appreciated the candidate’s desire to draw economic policy recommendations from her theoretical models and results.'

What does this prize mean to you?

"My happiness in getting this prize is twofold. First, this is a wonderful reward for all the work I did during my thesis. As an engineer by training, my thesis consisted of both learning economics and providing new results. Second, this year is unique because the three thesis prizes were exclusively awarded to women. I think this means a lot in a research domain which is mostly led by men", says Marion Dupoux .

Marion Dupoux has a PhD degree from University of Paris Nanterre from 2017. She is presently working as a researcher in environmental economics at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg.