Simplified flowchart of AI method.

Major research grant from the Assar Gabrielsson Foundation


Stefan Kuczera has received SEK 600,000 for high quality cancer research from the Assar Gabrielsson Foundation. Stefan is working on AI to improve advanced imaging for prostate cancer.

Stefan Kuczera is a researcher at the Institute of Clinical Sciences, Department of Radiology. He is developing and applying deep neural network methods, a form of AI, to improve prostate cancer diagnostics using diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (dMRI).

Stefan Kuczera is a researcher in radiology at the Institute of Clinical Sciences
Photo: Malin Arnesson

“We have recently developed a framework for robust and reproducible estimation of dMRI model parameters that can act as advanced biomarkers for prostate cancer grading,” he says. “But the approach is not yet practical for larger patient cohorts due to the long calculation times.”

Deep learning methods are expected to outperform conventional methods in terms of robustness, image quality, and computational performance. These methods will be applied to patient data collected at Sahlgrenska University Hospital using a dedicated acquisition sequence.

Stefan defended his thesis on magnetic resonance physics at New Zealand’s Victoria University of Wellington in 2015. After a period spent working as a postdoctor at Lund University, he joined the University of Gothenburg in 2018.

Text: Elin Lindström