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JMG-students prepared for their investigative journalism final studies

The second round of JMG students is now out in the world to do their final studies in investigative journalism. Like last year's students, they hope to have their studies published in Swedish and international press, radio and television.

Right now, it is possible for you and other interested to apply for the next round of JMG's Master's Programme in Investigative Journalism (MIJ).

It is time for the students to start their final studies in the Master’s Programme in Investigative Journalism (MIJ) at the University of Gothenburg.

They have gathered round the table to present their different ideas and discuss them together with each other and one of their head teachers, David Crouch.

The angle

He listens carefully to them and asks some critical questions, for example: ”where is the angle”?

As a freelance writer for the Guardian, Financial Times and New York Times, David Crouch knows what is required for an article to be published.

Overall, he is very impressed by the students and their plans:

”The students are going to many different parts of the world to do their final studies in investigative journalism, for example to Chile, France, Greece, Peru and Ukraine. They are really very ambitious”.

Among other things, they will investigate corruption, human rights’ abuse and other unethical phenomena.

Hopefully, many will succeed in publishing their surveys as the students did last year when most studies led to articles and films in the media such as the Guardian, the Swedish Television SVT, the Financial Times and other local journalistic forums. Click here to see the students investigative work 2017.

Good luck!

The students are enthusiastic and eager to apply what they have learnt so far in the programme.

The overall objective is to prepare students for a changing news business through optimising knowledge and skills that are essential, such as data-driven journalism and visualisation, project management, entrepreneurship, cross-sectional partnerships, but also fundamental journalistic values and ethics. 

JMG wishes them all the best and looks forward to seeing them and their final results in a couple of months.

The application period is open

Do you also want to study JMG’s Master Programme in Investigative Journalism? Click here to read more and to apply.

Please note that the last date to apply is April 16th.