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Inspiring lecture about job creation of start-ups with Olav Sorensen


Olav Sorenson, Professor at Yale School of Management, Yale University, and also this year's prize winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research gave an inspiring lecture at the School of Business, Economics and Law on 17 May. Professor Sorenson has increased our understanding of the relationships between social networks and entrepreneurship, including linkages to the economic-geographical context.

- Professor Sorenson gave an inspiring lecture about job creation of start-ups. His work showed me as a PhD student which seminal research could be done by asking questions of social importance and the availability of the right data source to answer them, says Johannes Koening, guest PhD student from University of Kassel.

The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship hosted the event which almost 50 people attended and was followed by a lunch with current scholars of the Broman Foundation of Research and culture, Olav Sorensen as well as Martin Andersson, Professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology, representing the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

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