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Porträttbild av Ida Östenberg
Photo: Lasse Edwartz ©

Ida Östenberg appointed as an honorary member of The Roman Society


Recently, the ancient historian and researcher at the Department of Historical Studies, Ida Östenberg, was appointed an honorary member of The Roman Society.
- This is an international recognition. I am deeply honored and very surprised, almost shocked, in fact, says Östenberg.

The society was founded in 1910 and has, Östenberg included, only 12 honorary members, of which 4 are women. Other honorary members are big names in ancient historical Roman research such as Paul Zanker, Kathleen Coleman, Eric Gruen, Mireille Corbier and Werner Eck.

The honorary membership does not require any real commitments, but Östenberg still hopes to help spread the knowledge about The Roman Society to colleagues and students in Sweden. For example, one can access filmed lectures with internationally renowned researchers via the Societies website and Youtube channel. There are also scholarships that Swedish ancient historians and students can apply for.

- Maybe this can inspire some young, Swedish antiquarian? That would make me happy, Östenberg concludes.

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