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Human Geography @ Week


Robin Biddulph (unit for human geography) is participating in the seminar "The diverse flows of Migration: An International Perspective on Driving Forces and Developers"

Robin Biddulph

Time and place: Tuesday 17 November 2015, 11:00–13:30 (Double room: 134/135 - Pedagogen).

About the seminar: The drivers behind migration flows are many, and so are the directions that these flows take. Circular migrants are moving in “both directions”. They cause brain drains, but also bring brain gains and a number of development opportunities for their home countries. Rural-rural migrants move within countries for livelihoods, and may cause environmental disruptions. In other cases, land property rights in one country affect the migration to another. How can policy and practice deal with these trends, and how does circular migration affect development more broadly?

Speakers: Michele Valsecchi (11:00), Postdoc researcher, Department of Economics; Maria Eriksson Baaz (11:45),Senior lecturer, School of Global Studies and Associate Professor at the Nordic Africa Institute; and Robin Biddulph (12:45), Researcher, Department of Economy and Society


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