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Helena Carén gets to share 15 million SEK in reasearch funds from Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund


Helena Carén from SCC studies cancer stem cells in order to understand why malignant glioma is so difficult to treat. The aim is to develop a better treatment with less side effects. She is one of the researchers in Gothenburg who get to share 15 million SEK in research funds from Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.

A major problem with brain tumors is the risk of relapse, which is often difficult to remedy. To find a more effective treatment, Helena Carén at the Sahlgrenska Cancer Center in Gothenburg seeks to understand the behavior of cancer stem cells in malignant gliomas, central nervous system tumors that afflict a few children every year.

Read further in the interview with Helena Carén at Akademiliv and take part of the whole list of recipients from Gothenburg who have received funding from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund 2020.