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Göran Landberg is one of 26 researchers in Gothenburg who together receive 70 million from Swedish Cancer Society


26 researchers in Gothenburg together receive a total of 70 milllion SEK from Swedish Cancer Society, which grants a total of 770 million SEK to researchers in Sweden this year. The largest amount granted in the history of Swedish Cancer Society so far.

This year the largest grant goes to Göran Landberg at Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, who receives six million SEK for his research project in how the aggressiveness of the cancer cells are affected by the environment they exist in.

Another five research leaders at Sahlgrenska Cancer Center also receive grants from the Swedish Cancer Society. Anna Martner and Fredrik Bergh Thorén receive three million SEK each for their research projects and Helena Carén, Roger Olofsson Bagge respectively Anders Ståhlberg receive 2,4 million SEK each.

Go to the Akademiliv website to read an interview with Göran Landberg and to take part of the complete list of the 2019 grants from the Swedish Cancer Society (Swedish only).