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Globelics Conference has 3 papers presented by IIE researchers


The 15th Globelics conference is about Innovation and Capacity Building in the Global Economy, held in Athens 11-13th October 2017.

Dr. Bourelos (IIE), Professor McKelvey (IIE) and Professor CaloughirouThree papers are presented by researchers at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The authors and topics of these papers are: 1) Jun Jin and Maureen McKelvey about overseas R&D, using the case of CEVT, Volvo Cars and Geely; 2) Franco Malerba and Maureen McKelvey about knowledge intensive entrepreneurship; and 3) Evangelos Bourelos, Olof Zaring and Maureen McKelvey about university-industry interactions, focusing upon academic patents.

The photo is taken at the opening event, with Globelics organizer, Professor Caloughirou, Professor McKelvey (IIE) and Dr. Bourelos (IIE). The 15t Globelics conference has over 400 participants from around the world.

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Richard R. Nelson and Evangelos BourelosEvangelos Bourelos with Richard R. Nelson, who is one of the leading figures in the revival of evolutionary economics. Nelson also served as the President’s Council of Economic Advisers under President John F. Kennedy (1961–63).