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Food truck exploded<br> at Campus Linné


A food truck standing in the court between Annedalsseminariet and Mediehuset at Campus Linné exploded at twenty to eleven on Tuesday morning. One person sustained minor injuries.

According to the police a gas explosion had occurred. One person working in the food-truck sustained minor injuries and was taken to the hospital for control. The police are investigating the explosion as a workplace accident.

The rescue service received the alarm at 10:42 AM and when they arrived at the scene, they found a demolished food truck and an injured person. There was no fire at the site, and the emergency service checked for any gas leakage. They left the site at 11:20 AM.

The university's activities are not affected, and continue as usual.

For more information, please contact Björn Hildenwall, Services manager, Campus Haga.