Five students list their best tips for remote studies


The School of Business, Economics and Law continues with remote education during the autumn semester. This can be challenging for you as a student. Therefore, we have listed the students' five best tips for successful remote studies.

En porträttbild på Amanda
Photo: Sophie Gräsberg

1. Exercise
We have all probably heard it before - exercise is good for us. And there are good reasons for the repeated urgings. Exercise gives results in a lot of areas - and it also has neurological benefits.The good news is that you do not need to train hard to achieve results. A quick walk that gets the heart rate up is good enough to release endorphins that contribute to both joy and better focus. Student Amanda has embraced the idea.- My tip is to get up and move in the morning. I usually run, walk or exercise before sitting down with my school work, says Amanda.

Photo: Sophie Gräsberg

2. Set the location
When studying from home, it can be difficult to structure and plan your time. The boundaries between school and leisure are blurred, which in turn can lead to lack of self-discipline. Mirza talks about his best tips for keeping the focus while studying from home.- Avoid studying in an overly comfortable environment too often. Even if it is tempting, the motivation and focus disappears quite quickly. Set deadlines and plan ahead. For example, set a time and place for watching the pre-recorded lectures. Once you get into routines, it will basically feel pretty much the same as before Corona, says Mirza

En porträttbild på Linnéa
Photo: Erika Holm

3. Take Breaks
Putting your mobile phone away can be difficult when studying from home. The student Linnéa has come up with a trick that makes it easier to stay focused. - I usually set the alarm for 45 minutes and during that time I study focused. During that 45 minutes, I put away the phone. Otherwise it would be tempting for me to check the phone and get stuck in it instead. After 45 minutes, I usually take a short break and then start again, says Linnéa.

En porträttbild på Emelie
Photo: Erika Holm

4. Socialise
When studying from home, it is easy to neglect social activities. However, keeping a social distance does not mean that you can not have any social interaction at all - you just need to be a little creative! Emelie has a couple of tips on how to stay social while studying at a distance.- My best tip is to try to do one social activity every day. Take a walk with a friend or arrange a Zoom-lunch, says Emelie.

En porträttbild på Sofie
Photo: Sophie Gräsberg

5. Maintain the routines
Maintaining routines can be extra important when you are studying from home. If you have routines and structure during the school day, you also get time for activities when the school assignments are done. Sofie shares her best tips for maintaining routines.- My best tip is to study at certain times and find a good location to study, says Sofie.

More tips

More tips regarding remote studies can be found on the Student Portal. You can also contact student healthcare, where you can get support during the pandemic.

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