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Eva Wiberg Accepts the Offer to Become New Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gothenburg


 Eva WibergEarlier this week, the board of the University of Gothenburg decided to withdraw its recommendation that the Swedish government appoint Ole Petter Ottersen as vice-chancellor of the University of Gothenburg. The board also decided to ask Ottersen’s chief opponent if she was still available for the position. After considering it for a day, Wiberg has now accepted the offer.

‘I’m proud and honoured to have been offered the position as vice-chancellor. I look forward to continuing the development of the University together with staff and students in the coming years,’ says Wiberg, currently deputy vice-chancellor at Lund University.

Wiberg adds that she sees a great potential to strengthen the University of Gothenburg’s brand internationally, nationally and regionally, and that she looks forward to meeting with students and staff to discuss future challenges and opportunities.

The decision to withdraw the recommendation of Ole Petter Ottersen was made at an extra board meeting held Monday 30 January. The University Board made the decision after learning that Ottersen is still a candidate for the post as vice-chancellor of Karolinska Institutet, KI.

After deciding to withdraw the recommendation of Ottersen, chair of the board Cecilia Schelin Seidegård was commissioned to ask the other final candidate in the race for the position, Eva Wiberg, if she is still available. In the case of a positive response, Schelin Seidegård was instructed to immediately recommend to the government that Wiberg be appointed. As a consequence of this, at its next meeting on 16 February, the Board will revise its previously decided time plan for the recruitment of a new pro-vice-chancellor.

‘I’m of course very happy that Eva Wiberg has accepted the offer. She was one of two strong final candidates and I’m confident that she will be a great vice-chancellor of the University of Gothenburg,’ says Schelin Seidegård.

The new vice-chancellor will take office on 1 July. 

Photo: Kennet Rouna