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Entrepreneurial buddies


The School of Business, Economics and Law constantly seeks possibilities to contribute to societal challenges, such as integration. The Entrepreneurial Buddies initiative aimed to offer something based on reciprocity and win-wins.

The idea behind the Entrepreneurial Buddies pilot project is to match new arrivals in Sweden with business ideas and master’s students with knowledge of entrepreneurship. Several parties are involved. The development organisation IM and Drivhuset helped to find new arrivals with a feel for business ideas. The School designed the programme, recruited suitable students and was responsible for the matching.

“For me, it was about escaping the university bubble. I wanted to see if I could use my skills in real life,” says Eleonor Forsberg, currently studying a Master's in Innovation and Industrial Management.

Helping hand onto the Indian market

Leena D. Joshi is from India and came to Sweden just under two years ago. She quickly noticed that her years of professional experience within product development and marketing did not help her enter the Swedish labour market. Instead, she wanted to try starting her own consultancy company.

“My idea was to start a consultancy company that helps Swedish companies establish themselves on new markets, for example by analysing alternative strategies and offering market insights and networks,” says Leena D. Joshi.

Test the business idea with a lean startup

The new entrepreneurial friends have made headway. They are currently in the second round of a “lean startup” to evaluate the concept.

“It deals with testing the business idea on the target group, gaining new insights and then fine-tuning the concept,” says Leena D. Joshi.

“I think both Leena and I have learnt a lot through this project,” concludes Eleonor Forsberg.