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CERGU at the ISSEI Conference

During the summer of 2019 Ettore Costa, Mats Andrén, Jens Norrby and Brian Shaev will hold a session at the ISSEI-conference in Zaragoza, Spanien. ISSEI stands for the International Society for the Study of European Ideas publishes the journal European Legacy: Towards New Paradigms.

Transnationalism in the 1950s... and Beyond: Ideas, Debates and Theories across Europe

Chairs: Mats Andrén and Ettore Costa

Ettore Costa ‘Technology and the Socialist Society of Tomorrow: 1950s Imagination of the Social Democratic and Communist Future with Nuclear and Space Technology’, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Jens Norrby ‘Transnationalism as Nostalgia: The Round Table and the challenges facing the Commonwealth of Nations, 1949–1960’, PhD student, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Brian Shaev ‘Nationalism, Transnationalism, and European Socialism in the 1950s’, Leiden University, Netherlands

Gabriele Mastrolillo 'The fourth international and the Tito-Stalin split', PhD student i, “Sapienza University, Rome, Italy

Mats Andrén 'Birth pangs of Europe', University of Gothenburg, Sweden