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Adrian Hyde-Price Discussant at EU-Day Panel

CERGU researcher, Adrian Hyde-Price, has been instrumental in organizing the EU-Day at the University of Gothenburg, which will take place on Thursday 21 September. Adrian will serve as discussant for a panel discussion on 'Germany and France - Is the European Motor Back on Track? Macron and Merkel Announce 'Deep Revolution' Plans for Europe' which will take place from 11.00-12.00. Participants will include H.E. Dr Hans-Jürgen Heimsoeth, Ambassador of Germany and H.E. Mr David Cvach, Ambassador of France.

The remainder of the EU-Day at the University of Gothenburg (Malmstenssalen) hs been organized by the European Parliament's information office in Sweden. EU-Day will take place from 11-17.00 and is aimed mainly at students, but open to the public. Participants will be offered lunch provided by the European Parliament's information office in Sweden, if they register by following the link below. The afternoon will feature the following panels in Malmstenssalen (in Swedish):

Mediernas roll i dagens Europa (13.15-14.45)
EU:s framtid - utmaningar och möjligheter (15.00-16.00)
Olika vägar till praktik, studier och jobb inom EU (16.00-17.00)

Register here:

Program for EU-Day