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Artificial reef structure on the seafloor for monitoring hard bottom fauna
This artificial reef structure was deployed in the Baltic Sea, at the entrance of Gulf of Finland. After four months the structure is colonized by algae, mussels and barnacles.
Photo: Johanna Norroko

A new network for monitoring hard-bottom communities


CeMEB member Matthias Obst and colleagues have published an article presenting a marine biodiversity observation network for genetic monitoring of hard-bottom communities.

The network presently consists of 134 Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS) which are deployed in European coastal waters and polar regions. The structures are designed to attract settling hard bottom organisms. After a period of time the structures are recovered, and the organisms are identified using genetic methods such as DNA metabarcoding.

The aim of the ARMS network is to assess the status and changes in near-coast environments, for example detect alien species in an early stage.

"In Sweden, the national environmental authorities already use data from ARMS located at five observatories along then Swedish West coast to detect non-indigenous species at the earliest possible stage, says Matthias Obst.

Read the articleA Marine Biodiversity Observation Network for Genetic Monitoring of Hard-Bottom Communities (ARMS-MBON)

Authors: Obst Matthias, Exter Katrina, Allcock A. Louise, Arvanitidis Christos, Axberg Alizz, Bustamante Maria, Cancio Ibon, Carreira-Flores Diego, Chatzinikolaou Eva, Chatzigeorgiou Giorgos, Chrismas Nathan, Clark Melody S., Comtet Thierry, Dailianis Thanos, Davies Neil, Deneudt Klaas, de Cerio Oihane Diaz, Fortič Ana, Gerovasileiou Vasilis, Hablützel Pascal I., Keklikoglou Kleoniki, Kotoulas Georgios, Lasota Rafal, Leite Barbara R., Loisel Stéphane, Lévêque Laurent, Levy Liraz, Malachowicz Magdalena, Mavrič Borut, Meyer Christopher, Mortelmans Jonas, Norkko Joanna, Pade Nicolas, Power Anne Marie, Ramšak Andreja, Reiss Henning, Solbakken Jostein, Staehr Peter A., Sundberg Per, Thyrring Jakob, Troncoso Jesus S., Viard Frédérique, Wenne Roman, Yperifanou Eleni Ioanna, Zbawicka Malgorzata, Pavloudi Christina.

Published in Frontiers in Marine Sciences, November 2020.