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28 projects granted by the KVA Fund


Out of 49 applications to the KVA Fund, 28 have been granted. Funding is given to support internationalization and scientific renewal at the Lovén Centre.

In total, almost 4.9 million Swedish kronor will be allocated from the KVA Fund during 2018. There are 17 projects to Kristineberg, 9 to Tjärnö and 2 projects to both stations.

One granted project will result in an international workshop with 50 participants, 18-20 June on Tjärnö. From different parts of the world, five plenary lecturers have been invited. The workshop topic is culture and use of macro algae. During recent years this research is comprehensive on Tjärnö, thanks to the projects SeaFarm, Sweaweed and AquaAgri Kelp. Henrik Pavia is head of the workshop, together with partners from Chalmers and Royal Institute of Technology.

Harvest of the brown macre algae sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima) in Kosterhavet Marine National Park. Photo: Wouter Visch.Henrik Pavia is head of the macro algae aquaculture workshop on Tjärnö

One example of guest researcher with KVA Fund grant is Paola Oliveri from University College London. Together with two colleagues she will study a type of stem cells in the brittle star Amphiura filiformis. The stem cells are crucial in regeneration of brittle star arms eaten by for instance fish. The research will be carried out at Kristineberg during three weeks in July-August.

The brittle star Amphiura filiformis is living half way down in the sediment. Illustration: Tomas Cedhagen.Paola Oliveri from University College of London is visiting Kristineberg