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Photo: Stig-Magnus Thorsén

Vivid Structures

Culture and languages

NoCoM is an exclusive master's programme where students share their study time between the music academies in Oslo, Copenhagen and the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. For two years, they develop their personal expression at intersections between improvisation and composition. Vivid Structures will be a concert where we meet the students' own music and personally created forms in exciting premieres.

7 Dec 2020
18:00 - 19:30
Livestream on YouTube

Academy of Music and Drama

Watch the livestream on YouTube.


Johan Björklund - drums
John Lönnmyr - keyboards
Anders Augustsson - guitar

Complex rhythms, beautiful soundscapes and ongoing search for new ways and visions in creating music. 
This is Monochromatics. 
A gentle, powerful unit, ready for improvisational adventures you didn’t have a clue you wanted to join.
Soundwawes beyond time and space. Pumping drums and frustrated guitars embraced by the sounds of heavenly analog harmonies. 
This is music where worlds collide into an obvious entity.

Alicia Lazaro

Alicia Lazaro - voice and electronics
Margherita Baggi - voice 
Sandro Legan - drums

"I think this concert for me, is an image of where I am in my musical process right now. I feel that I'm in the middle of a search around many different influences that I'm trying to reconcile. So, every piece is a different part of me that I want to express, one face of the same polyhedron. It’s an exploration of sound, timbre and silence. Music communicates what cannot be found in words, an ethereal truth."
Alicia Lazaro

Ben Rodney Gig

Antti Lähdesmäki - Piano 
Gusten Aldenklint - Electronics 
Gustav Alte - Guitar
Vendela Höök - Nyckelharpa
Liv Fridén - Flute
Trym Andersen - Trombone
Adrian Åsling Sellius – Bass clarinet 
Ben Rodney - Trumpet

"How much control over your life do you need to feel secure? How much control over yourself emotionally do you need? How do you feel when you feel out of control and wild? How much control do you need in relationships to feel settled? How much control do you have over your job opportunities and income? Do some groups of people have more control over their lives than others? Do some groups of people control the lives of others? During this gig we will explore these questions in a nonsensical and pretentious way, and come to the ultimate answer of control, its 27!"
- Ben Rodney