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Swedish Forum for Human Rights: Who has a say?

Society and economy

Societal inequalities and inequities lead to marginalised persons being disproportionately affected by disasters and climate change. This will be discussed in the seminar "Who has a say? Public participation in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction initiatives".

6 Dec 2021
14:00 - 15:00
The Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre, Gothenburg

Marie Storrier-Aronsson, researcherat the University of Reading, moderator.
Benedict Singleton, researcher at the University of Gothenburg.
Nønne Schjærff Engelbrecht, business developer at My Right.

Although evidence clearly indicate that there is a need to learn from affected communities, including marginalised groups, to make sure they have opportunities to meaningfully participate in the design and implementation of climate adaptation initiatives, the reality is not so straightforward.

This panel engages with the need to promote inclusive processes that minimize knowledge gaps and safeguard public participation in decision-making processes. The panel brings together academics and practitioners in a discussion on who has a say in planning for climate change adaptation and disaster risk management. Examples will be drawn both from Sweden and beyond, and the role of human rights in this context will be unpacked.