Open House 2021 about master's programmes at the School of Business, Economics and Law

Open House: master's programmes

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Welcome to The School of Business, Economics and Law's digital Open House for Master's programmes

Open house
22 Feb 2023
09:00 - 14:30
Free of charge

Welcome to the School of Business, Economics and Law's Open House!
Interested in our Master's programmes? We offer two-year master's programmes, one-year programmes ("magister programmes" taught in Swedish) and courses in business, economics and law. Listen to our Programme Coordinators and alumnus talk about our programmes. 

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Open House Programme

Wednesday, February 22

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Accounting and Financial Management


Matix (Management av tillväxtföretag) *
*Presentation in Swedish






Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship


Logistics and Transport Management


Marketing and Consumption


International Business and Trade




Innovation and Industrial Management

Webinars for Master's programmes

09:00-09:30 Accounting and Financial Management
The Master's programme includes rigorous exploration of financial accounting, management accounting, and financial management. Faculty active in research, practice, and policy setting, will equip you to produce and analyse high-quality information to guide organisations in investment decisions, planning, performance evaluation, restructurings, and funding activities. We emphasise interaction between theory and practice and contemporary development within digitalisation and sustainability.

Hosted by: Mikael Cäker, Programme Coordinator and alumni 

09:40-10:10 Finance
The master’s programme focuses on the problems of an advanced practitioner and provides you with a solid basis in corporate finance and investment management. You will gain analytical knowledge and an operational understanding of financial concepts, develop skills to apply financial theory to practical problems and gather working knowledge of empirical tools. You will be prepared to work within investment banking, financial consulting, insurance, government agencies and finance departments of industrial firms.

Hosted by: Adam Fargo, Programme Coordinator, and alumni Marcus Ewerstrand, Analyst and Controller at Avanza & Verovest

10:20-10:50 Economics
The Master’s programme combines advanced analytical tools with policy applications. As an economics student at the School, you will meet knowledgeable and dedicated teachers and classmates from all around the world. During the two years, you will develop your knowledge to a new level. You will be prepared to work at a broad range of international organisations, private and public industries with positions as professional economist, financial advisor or project manager.

Hosted by: Katarina Nordblom, Programme Coordinator, and alumni 

10:20-10:50 Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship
The master’s programme provides not only scientific and practical knowledge but trains you to confidently turn ideas into business opportunities, drive entrepreneurship and use your personal and professional skills to turn knowledge into practice. You will enhance your entrepreneurial ability and increase your knowledge of how to identify, capture, and create value for industry and society. Future career opportunities include starting new ventures and working within the entrepreneurial ecosystem on different local, regional, and national levels. You can work as a management consultant, founder of own business, innovation advisor and business development analyst.

Hosted by: Ethan Gifford, Programme Coordinator, and alumni

11:00-11:30 Logistics and Transport Management
The master’s programme challenges your critical thinking and analytical skills. As a student of the programme, you will analyse real-world and theoretical problems. You will be developing skills to design solutions for organisations facing complex and rapidly changing markets and technologies. Moreover, you will gain a strategic perspective of the relationships, flows, chains, processes, and systems comprising the international logistics and transport arena, with sustainability as a key issue.

Hosted by: Marta Gonzalez-Aregall, Programme Coordinator, and alumni Pieter-Jan Maekelbergh, Supply Chain and Order Management at Lynk & Co

11:40-12:10 Marketing and Consumption
The master's programme explores marketing, branding, sustainability challenges and how to understand consumers in a global marketplace. You will learn about the role of marketing and consumption in contemporary society, its cultural underpinnings and global dimensions. Through edge cutting, research-based courses, the programme gives you an opportunity to develop strategic thinking and top-quality skills within the field. You will be qualified to work in the public- and private sectors with marketing, media, transport and trade at leading companies.

Hosted by: John Ambrecht, Programme Coordinator, and alumni Anne-Charlotte Paas, PHD student within consumption and marketing at Karlstad universitet. 

12:20-12:50 International Business and Trade
The master’s programme provides a distinctive combination of training and knowledge about the functioning of multinational companies, large and small, in the global economy. As a student, you will enhance your understanding of the geography, processes, and organisation of international business and develop capabilities for sustainable and competitive managerial decision making. You will be qualified to enter multinational and- international organisations or start-up companies to take on the role of manager, analyst or developer in a variety of top manufacturing and service industries.

Hosted by: Johan Jakobsson, Programme Coordinator, and alumni

13:00-13:30 Management
The master’s programme provides an intellectually challenging environment with a wide range of courses combining theoretical studies with practical realities. As a student, you will discuss complex management and strategic problems, reflect on your role as a leader and think about how corporate strategies impact sustainable development. After graduation you will be qualified to work as a project- and account manager, business consultant, supply chain analyst and information process manager.

Hosted by: TBA

13:40-14:10 Innovation and Industrial Management
The master’s programme equips you for a future as a manager in organisations operating in an increasingly uncertain and complex world, with rapidly changing technologies and markets. As a student, you will get an education with a strong focus on personal and professional development, engage in close interaction with industry, and have ample opportunities for exchange studies. After graduation you can work at high-ranked national and international companies as a business- and innovation developer, management consultant or business operation coordinator.

Hosted by: Johan Brink, Programme Coordinator, and alumni 

Webinar for magister programme (1y)  (Swedish only)

09:40-10:10 Matix (Management av tillväxt)
The Matix programme is a Swedish speaking one-year university degree at the advanced level in the areas of business development, leadership and changes management. Our academic specialisation education is learning on learning, rather than learning. During the training, business acumen is trained with the help of, among other things, the latest research findings within the modules innovation, strategy, change management and leadership. Three days a week you are in the classroom to learn the latest research and methods, the other two days are on-site at one of our partner companies to practically apply your knowledge. This webinar will be held in Swedish

Hosted by: Björn Remneland Wikhamn, Programme Coordinator, and alumni