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Los ojos del estallido - Chile’s social uprising documented

Culture and languages

Welcome to the screening and discussion of Los ojos del estallido (2020), a documentary produced by students Pilar Alvarado, Anibal Sandoval, Alberto Gómez, Claudio Zurita, Patricio Muñoz, Gabriela Márquez, Álex Pulgar, Felipe Estay, Nicolás Bastías, Daniel Miranda and Karina Palma, students of the Chilean Universidad Abierta de Recoleta in 2019. This conversation will be presented by the Chilean community in Gothenburg.

15 Dec 2020
18:00 - 19:30

Representatives from the Chilean community in Gothenburg, Valeria Villegas Lindvall and Juan Velásquez Atehortúa
This event is a cooperation between Film Studies and Gender Studies. Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg.

This seminar aims to explore, discuss and underscore the possibilities of independent, documentary filmmaking as a mode of political engagement. Importantly, this opens up a conversation regarding the possibility of the classroom as a “border space” for practices of teaching and learning for liberation (hooks 1994), Anzaldúa (2012 [1987]), Lugones (2010) and Freire (1968). By addressing the importance of de-centralized and plural documentation, we aim to highlight the film’s possibility of tracking and underscoring the manifold angles to a struggle that began in October 2019 and remains alive in resistance.

Due to the current restrictions in place to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we invite you to watch this film beforehand at home, The documentary can be found in its entirety online (in spanish). However, the version during the screening content subtitles in English and the conversation will be held in Spanish and English with translations to English/Spanish.