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Linguistics Research Seminar: Webizing Prolog – and Prologizing the Web

Culture and languages

The Linguistics Research Seminar welcomes Torbjörn Lager, Professor of Linguistics. He will give two talks, the first with the title Webizing Prolog - and Prologizing the Web is on 9 March and the second on 16 March. All interested are welcome!

9 Mar 2021
13:15 - 15:00
Online via Zoom, contact Eleni Gregoromichelaki to receive link to the zoom seminar

Good to know
Seminar language: English
Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science

Torbjörn Lager will in two talks give an overview of his work.

”For more than a decade now I've been working on something that promises to combine, in a complete and coherent way (well, at least in my mind), a number of areas of research and development that have been of interest to me over the years: programming languages, logic programming, Prolog, knowledge representation, web technology, (event-driven) state machines, symbolic AI, abstract models of linguistic communication, conversational systems - those are just some of them!”

1. Webizing Prolog - and Prologizing the Web

After a very brief introduction to logic programming and Prolog, as well as to another programming paradigm known as actor programming, I'll present the design of a language called *Web Prolog*, its roots in the ISO Prolog standard, and its relation to another programming language called Erlang. I furthermore discuss a proposal for the architecture for an extension of the current Web that I think of as *the Prolog Web*, develop the notion of the *pure* Prolog Web, and compare the Prolog Web with the Semantic Web. If time permits, I'll give a demo of my proof-of-concept implementation.

The second seminar on 16 March has the title Agents on the Prolog Web.