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Linguistics Research Seminar: Agents on the Prolog Web

Culture and languages

The Linguistics Research Seminar welcomes Torbjörn Lager, Professor of Linguistics, on March 16 for his second talk – Agents on the Prolog Web. All interested are welcome!

16 Mar 2021
13:15 - 15:00
Online via Zoom, contact Eleni Gregoromichelaki to receive link to the zoom seminar

Torbjörn Lager
Good to know
Seminar language: English
Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science

Torbjörn Lager will in two talks give an overview of his work.

”For more than a decade now I've been working on something that promises to combine, in a complete and coherent way (well, at least in my mind), a number of areas of research and development that have been of interest to me over the years: programming languages, logic programming, Prolog, knowledge representation, web technology, (event-driven) state machines, symbolic AI, abstract models of linguistic communication, conversational systems - those are just some of them!”

2. Agents on the Prolog Web

In this second talk, I'll focus on the different kinds of agents that might populate the Prolog Web, and in particular on (possibly intelligent, possibly embodied) conversational agents. I'll try to explain why I think Web Prolog might be an almost ideal language for implementing such agents. I furthermore present an existing web standard known as State Chart XML, along with a suggestion for how to combine it with Web Prolog.

Finally, I'll present some ideas for how to use all of this in order to create an agent development environment which might be both interesting and fun to use.

By using plenty of animations and simple examples, I hope to be able to avoid as many formal and technical details as possible. Here's a link to a web page where I have collected pointers to some background material.

The first seminar, held on March 9, had the title Webizing Prolog – and Prologizing the Web.