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Final Seminar -Unaccompaniedness. A critical policy analysis on how (un-)grievable lives are constructed through fantasies about a lost nation

Society and economy

Baharan Kazemi, doctoral student at the Department of social work, presents her dissertation project. Final seminar is the final seminar during the PhD studies, when the dissertation project is almost finished.

17 Feb 2021
09:15 - 12:00
Via Zoom

Good to know
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This is a policy analysis with seven Government Bills as point of departure. The bills have in common a central position given to the concept of ''unaccompaniedness''. The theory-method-design is a combination of post-structural policy analysis (WPR) and the logics approach, with influences from critical border thinking, critical childhood studies and with focus on how migration policy shape the conditions for social work. Each Government Bill is analyzed separately in a chapter, with the aim to create an overview over processes of meaning-making, both in the specific text material and to make visible how the meaning(s) of the concept ''unaccompanied minors'' has shifted over time.