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Dissertation defence - Governing migrants through the Norwegian Introduction Programme

Academic Ceremonies
Society and economy

Ariana Fernandes Guilherme defends her doctoral dissertation ''Governing migrants through the Norwegian Introduction Programme '' This thesis focuses on the Norwegian Introduction Programme for newly arrived immigrants and refugees. The Introduction Programme combine two important official goals, namely labour market participation and immigrant integration into the receiving society. The aim of the overall thesis is to examine how the Introduction Programme in Norway can be understood in relation to different power perspectives. One of the main perspectives is Foucault’s idea of governmentality, supplemented with the perspectives of neoliberalism and ethnification. The body of the thesis is based on four studies and this introduction, which includes a new updated analysis chapter. The studies all examine the introduction programme(s) from different comparative and theoretical perspectives. In sum, it is possible to conclude that the Norwegian Introduction Programme can be viewed as an arena in which the subjectivity of new migrants is being shaped to influence their actions and beliefs in specific ways. By participating in the program, the target group is being governed, disciplined and shaped into becoming idealized citizens, and for the state, an ideal citizen is one who is employed and active in terms of being economically and culturally assimilated.

Academic Ceremonies,
24 Sep 2021
13:15 - 17:00
Zoom. The link will be published here on the 23rd of September


Docent Paula Mulinari, Malmö Universitet 

Grading committee

Docent Renate Minas, socialt arbete vid institutionen för socialt arbete, Stockholm universitet.
Professor Berit Berg Institutt for sosialt arbeid og helsevitenskap, NTNU,
Professor Staffan Höjer, institutionen för socialt arbete, Göteborgs universitet