Tobias Pettersson

Senior Lecturer

Pedagogy: Music, Dance and
Visiting address
Eklandagatan 86
41259 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 210

Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator

The Artistic Faculty
Visiting address
Fågelsången 1
41256 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 141
40530 Göteborg

About Tobias Pettersson

Education Coordinator

Between 2008 and 2015 I worked as education officer at the Board of Teacher Education Office, University of Gothenburg. From the late 1990s and up to 2008, I lectured in musicology (I obtained the doctoral degree in 2004) at University of Gothenburg and Linneaus University, within freestanding courses as well as within different kinds of programme contexts (education within the fields of music and culture, and teacher education). I have worked as course coordinator in these different contexts, as well as director of studies.

As a musicologist, I was primarily interested in how musical and musicological traditions originate, and the terms for their continuous existence. Since the 1990s, I have also worked for gender equality within music life.

The years 2012–2014 I have led several projects, mostly within the teacher education context, but also at the Centre for Environment and Sustainability, the co-operation platform for sustainable development and environmental research projects started by Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg in 2001. The last mentioned project – “The Development of a Faculty Specific, Web Based Tool Box Concerning Education for Sustainable Development at the University of Gothenburg” – was initiated by the Board of Education.

In my current position as Education Coordinator, I will – alongside with Madelaine Miller – administrate the departments first and second cycle education.

Areas of responsibility

  • Practical Philosophy
  • Theoretical Philosophy
  • Theory of Science
  • Logic Master Programme
  • Master’s Programme in Evidence-Basing: Practice, Theory, Context
  • Teacher Education