Sofia Calderon


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Haraldsgatan 1
41314 Göteborg
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About Sofia Calderon


My research interests are within the fileds of social cognition and legal psychology. I work in a collaborative replication project called Construal Level International Multilab Replication (CLIMR) project based at the Department of Psychology in Gothenburg. We conduct large scale replication studies targeting key findings from Construal Level Theory (CLT) research. CLT explains when and why people mentally represents something at a more abstract or a concrete level, and how this in turn affects behaviors. CLIMR project currently has 93 collaborating research labs from 38 countries who together will collect data to a series of experiments.

I defended my PhD thesis in 2019, on the topic of true and false intention. That is, truths and lies about future behavior. I am a member of the Research unit for Criminal, Legal and Investigative Psychology (CLIP).


I am in charge of press related contacts. I also work with a few small scale projects with the purpose of producing and spreading research findings from the Department of Psychology to a general audience and more specific target groups (e.g. podcast, videos, continuing education).

I am editor-in-chief at the international (English) version of the popular-science journal In Mind Magazine.