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John Molander

Project Manager

Visiting address
Rosenlundsgatan 4
41120 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 100
40530 Göteborg

About John Molander

As a Project Manager I coordinate the university's work on international student recruitment with a particular focus on overseas students, that include making international students more familiar with University of Gothenburg, especially in countries outside Europe. Main focus is to help students make an informed decision and ultimately, pick GU as their top priority. Priorities are also operational support in recruitment issues and pursuing related strategic issues as well as providing a sounding board for faculties and institutions. In a more operational context, I see that I;
* analyzes and in dialogue with faculties determines in which context it is relevant to make international / country-specific student recruitment efforts
* monitor issues related to international student recruitment at national and international level in order to drive continuous improvement work in the field
* make visible and benefit from synergies between work on international student recruitment and the university's other internationalization activities
* strengthen and develop all parts of the international student recruitment process in consultation with relevant stakeholders within the university and on the initiative of the university's international education program
* advises and assists the university's international education programs in connection with fairs and similar recruitment arrangements