Helena Dahlberg

Senior Lecturer

Learning and Leadership for Health Care
Visiting address
Arvid wallgrens backe hus 1 och 2
41346 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 457
40530 Göteborg

About Helena Dahlberg

Helena Dahlberg has a PhD in History of ideas, and is now a researcher at GPCC (Gothenburg center for person-centered care). She is also a Feldenkrais practitioner, yoga teacher and dancer.

Research Helena’s research concerns the lived body in health, illness and care. She explores the borderline between bodily experience and scientific knowledge. Her research is mainly within three different areas: phenomenological philosophy, qualitative methods and phenomenology and caring science. Within the first mentioned area, she has mainly been interested in the duality of the lived body – as both subjective and objective, familiar and unfamiliar, active and passive – and its consequences for human existence. With the starting point in Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology of the body, she has discussed aspects of corporeality, intentionality and intersubjectivity.

Secondly, Helena researches qualitative methodology and has contributed to the development of an empirical research approach, founded in phenomenological and hermeneutical philosophy (Reflective Lifeworld Research). Her research within qualitative methodology has also concerned aspects of the researcher’s openness as well as the question of description vs interpretation in phenomenological/hermeutical research methods.

Thirdly, Helena researches the meaning of the lived body in health, illness and care. More specifically she researches the importance of the lived body for the development of person-centered care and, in this context, the concepts of partnership and responsibility in person-centered care.

Education Helena has mainly lectured about qualitative methods and phenomenological epistemology and ontology, both in Sweden and abroad, for students and graduate students in caring science, for architects, physiotherapists and psychologists to be, as well as for students in global studies, interactive design and art. She has also lectured in philosophy and history of ideas.

Key words Lived body, health, person-centered care, Merleau-Ponty, qualitative methodology, phenomenology.

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