Albert Gyllencreutz Castellheim

Senior Lecturer/ Chief Physician

Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
Visiting address
Blå stråket su
41345 Göteborg
Postal address
Su sahlgrenska
41345 Göteborg

About Albert Gyllencreutz Castellheim

In 2012, I moved from Oslo to Gothenburg and entered my combination position which consists of 70% service as University Lecturer at University of Gothenburg and 30% service as senior consultant at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Queen Silvia Children Hospital. A part of the University Lecturer position is to be a teacher in the university, and in my case a teacher for medical students and doctoral students. Another part of the position involves research.


In research, I have been the main supervisor of two doctoral students who have dissertated and assistant supervisor of another doctoral student who also has dissertated. I was also assistant supervisor to two doctoral students in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, but in connection with entering my position at Sahlgrenska Academy, handed over the responsibility to other research colleagues in University of Oslo. In Norway, my research included laboratory and experimental models of meconium aspiration syndrome and sepsis from an immunological perspective with focus on the complement system. After 2012, my main research focus became clinical trials in form of double blinded randomized controlled clinical trials in pediatric intensive care. In recent years and the coming years, there has been and will be a more emphasis on registry-based epidemiologic and outcome studies. Currently, I have two PhD-students who are working with their registry-based epidemiologic studies; one working with out of hospital cardiac arrest in children, and one with congenital heart diseases . My Pubmed publications give a thourough overview of my research fields and research activities.

My clinical workplace is the department of pediatric anesthesia and intensive care in Queen Silvia’s Children Hospital in Gothenburg. The department has a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of children with congenital heart disease. The hospital is one of two Swedish centers for the treatment of children with congenital heart disease, and therefore it is natural that the research projects in our department are closely linked to these children and other critically ill children who are treated in our hospital. Our research projects are interdisciplinary because the care of critically ill children is interdisciplinary. My research projects are currently focused on:

1) Epidemiology and outcomes in congenital heart disease (in collaboration with Register Center Västra Götaland)

2) Epidemiology and outcomes in out of hospital pediatric cardiac arrest (in collaboration with Register Center Västra Götaland)

3) Acute kidney injury postoperatively in children with congenital heart disease.

4) Neurodevelopmental problems after anesthesia surgery.

5) Inflammation in critical illness


I am a teacher in the course anesthesia and intensive care medicine which is currently a part of curriculum for the semester (of totally 11 semesters) in the medical education (Programme in Medicine) in Gothenburg. I have been deeply involved in planning, teaching and development of this course since 2014. The structure of Programme in Medicine will be changed nationwide in 2021, to what is called the New Programme in Medicine. In Gothenburg, in the New Programme in Medicine the course of anesthesia and intensive care medicine will be a part of 7th semester of totally 12 semesters.

Practical and hands-on training is of central importance in clinical medical education. The semester, the so called “surgery semester”, includes a one-day-simulating training with high fidelity mannequins. Currently, I have the responsibility for the simulation part of the course of anesthesia and intensive care medicine, and additionally coordinate the whole simulating part of 8th semester with the Simulatorcentrum i Väst.

I am also a teacher in the 10th semester in Programme in Medicine (Examensarbetet). The 10th semester is designated to in-depth scientific or developmental work. The teaching in this semester is project-based and individualized. The teachers usually have one or two students for the whole semester. For the spring semester 2023 I will have three 10th semester students.

Being a University Lecturer and a teacher means also being an examiner in basic and advanced level education (doctoral education). Accordingly, I am an examiner of medical students (8th and 10th semester) and PhD-students (half-time seminars and examining committees), as well as an examiner for the course Medical science for the residents (ST-läkare) in theRegion Västra Götaland.

As a University Lecturer one may contribute in designing and developing different university courses. For this reason, I had the shared responsibility for creating and developing the anesthesia and intensive care course in the following two programmes; 1) Complementary Programme for Physicians with Medical Degree from outside the EU/EES and Switzerland (2015-2018) and 2) Introduction course for newly arrived physicians (2016-2017). Furthermore, for a short period of time (2015-2016) I was a teacher in the course Inter-professional learning, which is a simulation-based course for medical students (11th semester) and nursing students (6th semester) where these two student groups commonly train in technical (medical) and non-technical (Crew Resource Management) aspects of caregiving.