Esaias Järnegard

Doctoral Student

Visiting address
Eklandagatan 86
41259 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 210

About Esaias Järnegard

Esaias Järnegard has been conducting doctoral studies at the Academy of Music and Drama at Gothenburg University since 2018, where a dissertation is emerging that reflects a music characterized by a phenomenological approach: instruments, body and space are in focus, filtered through a reflective and philosophical perspective:

“While listening, the world emerges. It is perceived rather than known. It is perceived through time. The relationship between sounds, or things, are brought together and they stand before us as the sound itself. The distance between sound sources, the suspension between attacks, are nevertheless perceived in an extended, suspended temporal relationship. When teaching, I often ask: do you hear anything else? What is in the background? Is this a beginning? etc. We are in dealing with a poetic order, which reside and act independently from a causal one. As musicians we are inviting dreams, juxtapositions of different speeds, as an act and practice of a developed balance (of what can be imagined and included in our definition of music). When the composer Luigi Nono stands on the docks in Venice and speaks of the sounds he is immersed in, he is pinpointing a particular path inside of these rumblings of the city, of the sea, of his surroundings. The path becomes, rather than being described, and with each new inclusion of noise it grows and becomes a discrete way of knowing.

Esaias Järnegard teaches composition, aesthetics and extended instrumentation at the Academy of Music and Drama on the undergraduate level.

Furthermore, Järnegard is the artistic director of the Kalv festival, he works closely with the ensemble Gageego! in an advisory and artistic capacity and performs the organ in the Doom-metal band Walk Through Fire.

Current projects include pieces for ensemble Gageego!, percussionist Sori Choi, violinist Marco Fusi and Gothenburg cathedral choir.