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How to apply

This page provides information on how to apply, how to contact a union representative, and how to appeal a decision. To apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg, you have to create an account in our recruitment system.

How you apply for a position

To apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg, you have to create an account in our recruitment system. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement and that it is submitted before the deadline.

What will happen to your application

Once the application period has expired, we will review all applications received. We then select a shortlist of applicants to interview. The shortlist is based on the requirements specified in the job advertisement. If you are one of the people we wish to meet for an interview, we will contact you. After the interview, we will contact one or more of the references you have cited. Additional in-depth interviews or tests might also be involved in the process. 

Recruitment process for teaching posts

At the University of Gothenburg there are many different types of posts and the recruitment process may vary therefore, depending on the type of post involved. The recruitment process for teaching posts follows the same principles as for other types of posts, but the process looks a bit different and takes longer as it often also involves  obtaining opinions from external referees and preparation in the academic appointments board.  

According to the Appointment Procedure of the University of Gothenburg, teaching posts include professor, senior lecturer, lecturer, associate senior lecturer, adjunct professor, visiting professor, adjunct senior lecturer, adjunct lecturer, visiting lecturer and post-doc. 

We contact all applicants

When we have filled a post, we post a notification on the University’s noticeboard and contact all applicants, either personally or by e-mail, regardless of the type of post you have applied for. 

Union representatives

There are three main union organisations represented at the University of Gothenburg: OFR-S, SACO-s and SEKO.

To get in touch with any of the organisations, visit the Staff Portal.

You can also contact one of the union representatives listed below.





If you wish to appeal to the Higher Education Appeals Board (ÖNH), you must do so in writing. In the appeal, you must specify the decision being appealed against and the change in the decision that you are requesting. It is also important that you justify why this change ought to be made. Please provide your address and also your telephone number and e-mail address, as well as the registration number (diarienummer) that appears on the decision. A decision may be appealed only by the person to whom it relates. 

Your letter is to be addressed to the Higher Education Appeals Board, but you should send it to: 

University of Gothenburg 
Box 100 

The appeal must have been received by the University of Gothenburg within three (3) weeks of the date on which the decision was posted on the University of Gothenburg’s noticeboard.  

Please note that decisions regarding appointment to a doctoral studentship cannot be appealed.