Studenter samtalar

The ULF agreement

In order to contribute to a stronger scientific foundation in teacher and preschool teacher education, as well as in the school system, the University of Gothenburg, together with the universities in Karlstad, Uppsala and Umeå, has been commissioned by the government to conduct experimental research on internship research during the period 2017-2021. The experimental activity has been named ULF agreements: Development, Learning, Research.

The purpose of the ULF agreements is to develop and test different models for long-term collaboration between universities, colleges and principals within the school system. Practical research refers to such research which is based on the school's own need for new knowledge and contributes to teaching development in the school system and increasing students' goal fulfillment.

The experimental activities in the ULF agreements aim to create long-term sustainable collaboration models that rest on three legs: research, school activities and teacher education. The planned experimental activities must therefore be carried out in collaboration with the school principals.