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To apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg you have to register
an account in our recruitment system, answer the questions asked, and
attach the requested appendices.

Please note that your application must be submitted no later than 23.59 hours
(GMT+1) on the specified deadline date.

If you have questions about the advertised position, please contact any of the
contact persons in the specific announcement.

Should you encounter technical problems in connection with your registration
or when submitting your application, please contact rekrytering@gu.se


Job Application
Type of employment Reference no
Researcher - Time-resolved crystallography of phytochrome2018-06-15Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/823
Researcher2018-06-18Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/821
Doctoral student in business administration, with specialisation in organising future sustainable energy systems2018-08-15Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/743
Project assistant2018-06-11Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/788
PhD student position in Information Systems2018-06-14Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/809
Professor in Experimental Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, PAR 2017/10822018-05-31Permanent employmentPAR 2017/1082
PhD in physical chemistry2018-06-15Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/770
Researcher2018-06-13Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/816
Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry2018-08-06Permanent employmentPAR 2017/1223
Full Professor in Medicinal Chemistry2018-08-06Permanent employmentPAR 2017/1125
Researcher2018-06-14Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/805
Senior Lecturers in Informatics, 1-22018-06-13Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/728
Research Engineer2018-06-14Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/520
Postdoctoral fellow in cancer biology/immunology2018-06-15Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/737
Senior Lecturer in marine ecology with a specialisation in management2018-06-15Permanent employmentPAR 2018/178
Guest lecturers2018-06-11Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/767
Senior Lecturer in Social pharmacy, PAR 2018/5502018-06-11Permanent employmentPAR 2018/550
Researcher2018-06-11Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/783
Associate Senior Lecturer in Mathematical statistics2018-06-25Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/685
PhD in Physics2018-06-22Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/791
Researcher2018-05-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/745
Researcher, Core Facilities2018-06-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/793
Researcher2018-06-19Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/681
Postdoctoral post in photography specially focused on experimental photo history2018-08-17Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/610
Senior Lecturer in Nursing with a specialization in Intensive Care, PAR 2018/6562018-06-28Permanent employmentPAR 2018/656
Researcher2018-06-11Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/779
Postdoctoral in conservation with specialisation in craft science and craft2018-06-11Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/694
Post-doctoral position in Mathematics: Okounkov bodies for transcendental classes2018-06-14Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/787
Visiting Lecturer in Hydrogeology2018-05-30Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/666
Temporary researcher2018-06-11Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/780
Researcher in mass spectrometry imaging of brain tissue2018-06-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/670
Researcher2018-06-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/766
Researcher in Nanoelectroanalysis of Cells and Vesicles2018-06-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/772
Researcher in Nanoelectroanalysis of Cells and Vesicles2018-06-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/669
PhD Position in Natural Science, specialising in Environmental Science2018-06-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/754
Research Associate with focus on data management2018-06-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/692
Researcher in evolutionary genomics and marine chemical ecology2018-05-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/759
Researcher2018-06-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/764
Researcher2018-06-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/734
Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering2018-06-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/751
Researcher2018-06-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/749
PhD student position in Medical Science - Epidemiology of cardiovascular risk in younger adulthood2018-06-07Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/568
PhD student in cellular aging in yeast2018-06-06Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/747
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Magnetic Resonance Imaging2018-06-04Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/729
Software Developer2018-05-30Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/726
Research engineer2018-06-04Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/392
Postdoctoral fellow in medical science/hematology, focus Bioinformatics2018-06-04Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/736
Postdoctoral fellows in yeast as a model for age-related proteoptahies2018-06-04Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/484
Research Assistant2018-06-04Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/709
Researcher2018-05-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/653
Postdoctor in Physiology2018-05-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/727
PostDoc in atmospheric chemistry with application in chemical ionisation mass spectromtery2018-06-30Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/569
Researcher in Logic2018-05-30Permanent employmentPAR 2018/679
Forskare2018-05-29Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/710
Researcher2018-05-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/696
Researcher2018-05-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/695
Senior Lecturer in Nursing with a specialization in Primary Care, PAR 2018/6572018-06-28Permanent employmentPAR 2018/657
Associate Senior Lecturer in reproductive and perinatal health, PAR 2018/6412018-05-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/641
Senior Lecturer in Nursing, PAR 2018/6822018-05-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/682
Senior lecturer in Nursing with a specialization in person centred care, PAR 2018/6392018-05-28Permanent employmentPAR 2018/639
Lecturer in Nursing with specialization in Intensive Care, PAR 2018/5642018-05-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/564
Lecturer in Nursing with specialization in Anaesthesia Care, PAR 2018/5632018-05-28Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/563
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Law with focus on Large Scale Collective Action2018-06-18Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/660
PhD student in Natural Science, specializing in Physical Oceanography2018-06-01Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/665
Senior Lecturer in Plant Ecology2018-06-11Permanent employmentPAR 2018/188
Senior Lecturer in Nursing, PAR 2018/5662018-05-31Permanent employmentPAR 2018/566
Senior lecturer in psychology with a focus towards cognitive psychology2018-06-18Permanent employmentPAR 2018/521
Senior lecturer in psychology with a focus towards personality psychology2018-06-18Permanent employmentPAR 2018/522
Lecturer in psychology with a focus towards work and organizational psychology2018-06-18Permanent employmentPAR 2018/415
Senior lecturer in psychology with a focus towards biological psychology2018-06-18Permanent employmentPAR 2018/417
Biträdande forskare till statsvetenskapliga institutionen och QoG-institutet2018-06-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/524
Associate researcher to the Political Science Department and the QoG-institute2018-06-08Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/524
Professor in Pharmacokinetics2018-05-30Permanent employmentPAR 2017/1625
Lecturer in Pharmacokinetics2018-05-30Permanent employmentPAR 2017/1626
Doctoral studentship position, one or several, in Computational Linguistics2018-06-10Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2018/459
Postdoctoral Researcher in Logic2018-05-31Time limited employment (temporary)PAR 2017/1510

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