Axel Adler Scholarship 2023

Axel Adler scholarship is a tuition fee scholarship and is awarded for international Master's and Bachelor's Programmes in English at the University of Gothenburg. The election of scholars is primarily based on the applicant's qualifications in regard to the study programme. Axel Adler Scholarship is funded by Adlerbertska Scholarship Foundation and Adlerbertska Grant Foundation and the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR).


To be eligible for Axel Adler Scholarship:

  • You are considered to be a fee-paying student.
  • You applied for an international campus-based programme as your first priority at the University of Gothenburg.
  • You have submitted your application for studies by 16 January 2023 and paid the application fee and documented your eligibility for studies by 1 February 2023 through

For more detailed information about the scholarship, please see the document "Axel Adler Scholarship 2023 - Requirements and detailed information".


Students who have applied to a program at the University of Gothenburg as their first priority through, will receive an email with application instructions on 8 February 2023. The invitation to apply for Axel Adler Scholarship will be sent to the email address you have registered at

If you are eligible and have not received an email by this date (and also checked your Spam mail folder), please let us know by sending a mail to

CV and Letter of Motivation

When applying for Axel Adler Scholarship you shall include a CV and a Letter of Motivation as written text, these are used for the selection of scholars. In the motivational letter you have the possibility to highlight merits from your CV. It is not possible to attach any other form of documentation to your scholarship application.

Selection process

Academic staff make the assessment and ranking, based on the CV and Motivation letter in your scholarship application. The assessment is made in collaboration with the assessment of your application to the study programme, in order to assess your suitability for the programme as well as your commitment and desire to study.

There is one scholarship awarded for each programme. 

There is an exception for Master programmes in Fine Art, Crafts and Design and programmes in Music and Performance which will be awarded a total of four scholarships for all programmes.


Decision of results will be sent out via email: 

  • 5 April 2023 Master's programme applicants
  • 12 April 2023 Bachelor's programmes applicants

Axel Adler Scholarship for Sustainability

Sustainable development is a vital part of the University of Gothenburg’s vision. Therefore we offer the Axel Adler scholarship for Sustainability, a scholarship programme within the Axel Adler, for students studying a sustainability focused study programme. The scholarship is a tuition fee waiver. 

If you are eligible to apply, you do this in the same application as the regular Axel Adler Scholarship application. 

More details and requirements for the Sustainability Scholarship

Axel Adler Scholarhip for Sustainability 2023 - Requirements (PDF)

Prioritized country 2023: Iran

Each year the University has the possibility to prioritize applications from certain countries. Examples from the past have been Syria and Ukraine. In 2023 two scholarships within Axel Adler, will be prioritized to students from Iran, because of the difficult situation for students in Iran. 

The Scholarship is full coverage, for tuition fees, living expenses and travel grants. 

The regular requirements for Axel Adler Scholarships applies. If you are from Iran and eligible to apply for this, you do this in the regular Axel Adler Scholarship application.

Frequently asked questions

Here you find the most common questions for the Axel Adler scholarship. For more questions about Axel Adler Scholarship, please contact

There is no specified format for the CV when applying for Axel Adler scholarship. These are used in the assessment, how well the scholar is suited for the forthcoming studies. You can write a maximum of 3000 characters.

There is no specified format for the Letter of Motivation when applying for Axel Adler scholarship. These are used in the assessment, how well the scholar is suited for the forthcoming studies. Here you have the possibility to highlight merits in your CV or merits which isn’t stated in your CV. You can write a maximum of 3000 characters.

The scholarship cover the tuition fee of the study programme you are admitted to. It is a tuition fee waiver only; no additional financial support for living expenses or travel grants is provided.

One scholarship will be awarded for the each of the Bachelor programmes: Software Engineering and Management; International Relations, and Business and Economics.

No, you are not eligible for Axel Adler Scholarships if you choose to study an online programme. The scholarships are for campus-based programmes only.

NOTE! You can still be eligible for the scholarship if a programme partly has studies abroad or is forced to switch to distance learning studies due to circumstances like the pandemic.

The foundations will make the payment to the University of Gothenburg for your tuition-fee. The scholar does not need to act in this matter.

Late applications will not be considered.

Please note that it is not possible to combine the Axel Adler Scholarship with any another scholarship covering the tuition fee.

Axel Adler Scholarship for Sustainability is a scholarship within Axel Adler Scholarship programme, which is only for students who applies for a sustainable focused study programme.

If you have applied for a sustainability focused programme as your first choice, and meet the general requirements for Axel Adler Scholarship, you can also apply for the Axel Adler Scholarship for Sustainability in the same application. The list of sustainability focused programmes at the University of Gothenburg is:

  • Atmosphere, Climate, and Ecosystems, Master’s Programme
  • Ecotoxicology, Master’s Programme
  • Environmental Sciences, Master’s Programme
  • Geography, Master’s Programme
  • Global Health, Master’s Programme
  • Nordic Master’s programme in Sustainable Production and Utilization of Marine Bioresources
  • Public Health Science; Health Equality, Master’s Programme
  • Sea and Society, Master’s Programme

You can find the list of sustainability focused programmes at:

Please note:

Only students at sustainability focused programmes can be awarded Axel Adler Scholarship for Sustainability. Students at sustainability related programmes cannot be awarded.

The Axel Adler Scholarship for Sustainability do not apply to the Education for Sustainable Development Programme, since this is not a campus-based programme.

To keep your scholarship, you must complete at least 75% of the semester’s credits. There are regular follow ups conducted.  If you are having problems passing courses, please contact your Department and notify us at:

The same deferment rules for admissions are applied for Axel Adler scholarship.

Rules for deferment of your studies.

If your fee status changes during your studies, you must notify us at:


Please contact us if via if you have been granted a study break.

When your study break is registered in the study documentation system Ladok, contact us and we will make sure that the scholarship is transferred to the upcoming semesters when you return from your study break.

Please read about disciplinary matters at the University of Gothenburg.

If you are suspended from your studies, we reserve the right to withdraw your scholarship.