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Programme set up: Economics


Courses for students admitted 2023 and onwards.

Year 1

Autumn Term
Period 1+2

Mathematics, 7,5 credits 

Advanced Microeconomic Theory, 7,5 credits 

Period 3+4

Graduate Econometrics, 7,5 credits 

Advanced Macroeconomic Theory, 7,5 credits 

Spring Term 
Period 1

Economic Research Process 7,5 credits 

Period 2+3+4 

Elective courses, 22,5 credits 

Year 2

Autumn Term
Period 1+2+3

Elective courses, 22,5 credits 

Period 4

Applied Econometrics 7,5 credits 

Spring Term 
Period 1, 2, 3, 4 

Master Degree Project, 30 credits 

An elective course can be chosen from within the master's programme or from other master's programmes at the Graduate School. A list of courses is made available to students each term.  Lists of previous semesters' elective courses can be found on the program page (on the student portal) under the heading "Elective courses".

NB! Out of the 45 credits of elective courses, at least 15 credits must be within Economics or Finance.